I wanted

I wanted to practice Yoga. You told me to relax.

I wanted to learn postures. You had me sculpt clay.

I wanted to study the breath. You hiked me to a cliff.

I wanted to rule behavior. You showed me doshas.


When I was into stillness, you had me perform on stage.

And when I looked for the moving Force, you got me to painters.


When I thought of doing, you schooled me to receive from the Universe.

And when I ignored my creative self, you exposed the verses of my heart.


When I was growing roots on my mat, you had me plunge into the river.

And when I had no idea of my worth, you built me a temple of petals.


I wanted answers. You taught me to search.

I wanted to learn Yoga. You taught me to enjoy life.

[Received the bulk 4 juillet 2017, during practice]

Juste est enseignant de Hatha Yoga, certifié RYT 500 par Yoga Alliance. Dans une ambiance conviviale, son enseignement privilégie l'expérience directe et l'appropriation. En dehors des tapis, il adore écrire des réflexions sur le Yoga dans la vie courante, les fameux Textos .
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