I wanted to practice Yoga. You told me to relax.

I wanted to learn postures. You had me sculpt clay.

I wanted to study the breath. You hiked me to a cliff.

I wanted to rule behavior. You showed me doshas.


When I was into stillness, you had me perform on stage.

And when I looked for the moving Force, you got me to painters.


When I thought of doing, you schooled me to receive from the Universe.

And when I ignored my creative self, you exposed the verses of my heart.


When I was growing roots on my mat, you had me plunge into the river.

And when I had no idea of my worth, you built me a temple of petals.


I wanted answers. You taught me to search.

I wanted to learn Yoga. You taught me to enjoy life.

[Received the bulk 4 juillet 2017, during practice]

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