I am Humanity

Flowing between pea and poop, I found my way
Navigating the pelvic floor, I crowned to life.

And here am I, decades later, discovering my own root floor.
I can do fun stuff with it. Toning the bladder and climbing the rectum
It feels alive. It feels special. And suddenly I realize

Grandma had a pelvic floor too. And all humans do.
I’m made of exactly the same fabric as you.

I have in me all the possibilities,
all the eventualities,
all the instincts.

I’m strong and weak
Idiot and smart
Screwed and screwer
I am the beauty and the beast
The ugly, the bad and the good.

I am my curious girl and my crafty boy
I am grandpa Martin and aunt Victorine
I am ancestor Lucy
I am my grandson yet to be conceived

The same Fabric

I am me. And at the same time,
I am all of them.
I am a human being.
I am humanity.

Juste est enseignant de Hatha Yoga, certifié RYT 500 par Yoga Alliance. Dans une ambiance conviviale, son enseignement privilégie l'expérience directe et l'appropriation. En dehors des tapis, il adore écrire des réflexions sur le Yoga dans la vie courante, les fameux Textos .
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